A selection of horses currently for sale at Holmebank

We are privileged to offer for sale 'THE COLONEL'  A superb old gentleman standing 53" high. He is an exquisitely carved and very elegant swing stand rocking horse. We have given him a full restoration here at Holmebank in keeping with his age. He has had some work carried out to his head and ears at sometime in his past and we have replaced the hoof rails and pillars on his stand. He is full of Character and has a lovely turned head. He is unatributed but is a grand old chap. We felt that as he had no saddle block that a removable saddle and bridle would suit him and think it works really well. His saddle was specially made for him in dark havanna English leather by Master saddler Jasper Highet.  Offered for sale at £3,550.00. NOW REDUCED TO £2995.00

 'ECLIPSE' A truly stunning and extremely rare mid 19th century bow rocking horse. Painstakingly preserved here at the Holmebank workshops.He arrived having had an uninspiring restoration by the Haddon company. He looked really plain with sprayed on gloss paint and wierd saddle. His bow was covered in thick green gloss and it had had the front offside bow section replaced really proffesionally so the stand was solid. The thick spray paint was carefully picked off over a period of two weeks to reveal his original paintwork. Maybe the spray paint had actually preserved the original surface to an extent? We made new saddlery from vintage leather and chose a subtle mane and tail. This very rare horse is now ready to go to a good home where he will be cherished. His bow is 85" long and he stands 48" high.  Price on application.SORRY NOW SOLD

'FIN'  A G&J Lines Galloper from around 1890. Fully restored here at the Holmebank workshops. Fin is presented on a plinth that replicates a section of the roundabout and is finished off with a legnth of fairground twisted brass pole with finial ball. The plinth measures 84" x 32" and the height to the top of the brass pole is 90". He can easily be dissmantled for transport.  He would be an oustanding conversation piece in the right setting.   Sorry now sold.

'MAURICE'  A French Cheval Bascule horse from the late 19th century. A very rare rocking/wheeled toy horse which has had an excuisite restoration in the past and even sports the original saddle which is amazing. 29" high  39" long. Offered for sale at £1390.00    NOW REDUCED TO £995.00

'GODOLPHIN'  A very early bow rocking horse possibly a far back as the Regency period. Obviously unknown maker. He has had a full restoration here at Holmebank but we feel that he should just enjoy his retirement now. A rare opportunity to aquire a piece of rocking horse history. It's a shame he can't talk I wonder how many races he has won in the imagination of generations of children?  I am sure he would have some very interesting stories to tell. Horses like this are so rare I doubt if you will ever have the opportunity to own one again.  PRICE ON APPLICATION  SORRY NOW SOLD        

 'FINLAY' A Lines bros Sporty Boy. He has had a full restoration here at Holmebank and is now ready to move on.  Finlay stands  43" high and his stand is 52" long so doesn't take up too much room. SORRY NOW SOLD

 'LIBERTY'  This beauty is an unfinished horse by Harold Wakefield. Sadly Harold didn't get the chance to complete it. He has harolds pencil marks on where his next carving was to be! We think it is a very sculptural piece and have mounted him on a plinth and supported him on steel rods. Harolds understanding of confirmation and movement is amazing. Liberty reminds us of a  Welsh section A colt prancing round the show ring. Offered for sale at SORRY NOW SOLD

 'EMILY' A G&J Lines Bow rocking horse from about 1915. She has had a full restoration and is finished slightly 'distressed' in keeping with her age. Her tack is made from vintage leather. She stands 40" and her bow is 70" long so doesn't take over a room like some bows. She is offered for sale at £2500.00.   NOW REDUCED TO £2200.00


Very rare four poster cast iron and brass childs bed with drapes. Early 20th century. Exeptionally well made and in stunning condition. 35" long, 20" wide and 44" high. This would enhance any doll/teddy collection or make a perfect prop or shop display piece. Offered for sale at £225.00 ono

'WINSTON'  A extremely rare (selling as unattributed) 38" rocking horse. (Possibly an early F H Ayres from around 1890). Fully restored to a very high standard and now ready to move on to a permanent stable. He is offered for sale at £2,750.00 and would make a good solid investment.  NOW REDUCED TO £2350.00


'JOSETTE' is an absolutely outstanding Harold Wakefield Rocking Horse. She stands 49" high. Her detail is breathtaking. She is carved from solid Mahogany and mounted on an Ash swing stand. She is signed by Harold and has her own serial number. Created in 2008 she is one of Harolds last pieces. These horses are extremely rare and much sought after. 'JOSETTE' is in immaculate condition and has never come on to the market until today. This is a rare opportunity for a serious collector. OFFERED FOR SALE AT £7000.00. NOW REDUCED TO £5900. 00