A selection of horses currently for sale at Holmebank

   'Winston' a superb rocking horse from around 1890. Thought to be a very rare 'Euston road' horse markerted by F H Ayres but made for them by a co-operative of makers in north London. This extremely rare rocking horse. SORRY NOW SOLD.


 This is a Roebuck/Cyclopse Pedal Pony We've never seen one in such great condition. About 70 years old and still looks like new. Offered for sale at   SORRY NOW SOLD.

  Roebuck Colt Rocker. Fully restored to original spec.  SORRY NOW SOLD.

 'AMELIA' is an Australian Roebuck made in Sydney around 1920. She has had a extensive but sympethetic restoration here at Holmebank and is ready to ride  again or become a part of a collection.  SORRY NOW SOLD.

  A lovely 33" F.H.Ayres horse. Fully restored here at Holmebank and ready to enhance any colectoin or maybe be the start of a new colection? offered for sale at   SORRY NOW SOLD.

 'EZME' is a late 1920's Australian Roebuck. She has had an extensive restoration here at Holmebank and now looks as she would have done when first purchased.  SORRY NOW SOLD.